General info

The ETHIQ Diploma is managed and administered by the EFI Education Committee. The purpose of the training is to enable technical staff working in H&I to demonstrate knowledge and competence within their workplace. All registrants for the ETHIQ certificate must be EFI members. 

Training is aimed at all Technical Staff working in EFI accredited laboratories supporting clinical solid organ and/or haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. The definition of Technical Staff may vary between countries, but it is hoped that the ETHIQ will be an appropriate training scheme for staff that are involved in bench work in H&I labs, but who may not have the responsibility for final reporting of results. Senior staff (e.g. those who are Directors or co-Directors or those who wish to reach this level) are encouraged to develop their learning in order to take the EFI/UEMS ESHI Diploma.  

The training is undertaken within the trainee’s laboratory and will be delivered under the supervision of a local training supervisor over the course of 12-36 months. The training supervisor must be an individual who is a Director or Co-Director of an EFI accredited lab, or is a holder of the ESHI Diploma (honorary or by examination). It is also important that the Head of Laboratory (if different to the Training Supervisor) signs the application form (Appendix A) to show they are supportive of the trainee’s application.

To apply for the ETHIQ training course please download the application form and send back the filled in form to Ingrid Abelman (

You can find more detailed information regarding the ETHIQ training course in the ETHIQ information guide. If you have any further questions regarding the ETHIQ training course please contact Ingrid Abelman.