Best Abstract / Jon van Rood Award 2019

The Jon van Rood Award (JvRA) was initiated in 2011 in honor of the late Jon van Rood (1926 – 2017), founding father of EFI and discoverer of the HLA system. The JvRA winner and two runners-up are selected amongst the 8 presenters at the Best Abstract Session by a jury composed of the attending Past EFI Presidents.

The JvRA winner 2019 was Marco Carvalho-Oliveira from the Hannover Medical School, Germany for his presentation “Generation of immunologically invisible transgenic porcine pancreatic islet cell clusters after single cell engineering and post-transduction islet reassembling to support xenograft survival”. The two runners-up were Cynthia Kramer from the Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands for her presentation “Generation of human monoclonal antibodies for definition of actual HLA class II antibody epitopes”, and Esteban Arrieta-Bolaños from the University of Essen, Germany, for his presentation “HLA-DM-mediated peptide editing impacts T cell receptor diversity against permissive HLA-DPB1 mismatches”.