ESOT-EFI Joint Session 'Present and future role of HLA and antibodies'

1 September 2021 | 08:00 - 10:30

Room D - Green
Session type: Real-life clinical decision making
Session domain: Present and future transplant practice

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Session information

Case presentation: Crossmatching and epitope matching in kidney transplantation
Carla Rosser | London, United Kingdom

Virtual crossmatching in kidney transplantation: The wait is over
David Turner | Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The road towards epitope matching
Frans Claas | Leiden, Netherlands

Case presentation: Epitope Matching for a highly immunized lung patient - sense or nonsense?
Teresa Kauke | Munich, Germany

What can we learn from abdominal experience?
Antoine Roux | Suresnes, France

Predicting immunogenicity
Vasilis Kosmoliaptsis | Cambridge, United Kingdom