EFI Young Professionals Working Party

During the 35th EFI conference last year in Amsterdam, the EFI Young Professionals Working Party was initiated with the aim of getting “young” EFI members more involved and feeling more at home with EFI. The term “young” here is not relating to age, instead to those who are newer to EFI or the immunogenetics field in general (for example lab technicians, PhD students or postdoctoral researchers). We hope to form a platform for EFI young professionals and to participate in the organization of events that are suited to newer members in the field, for example education, training and social networking. We can also provide input to the EFI committees and thereby represent the EFI young professionals.

Excitingly at the upcoming 36th EFI conference in Nantes, France in April we will hold an informal meet-up during the Welcome Reception for anybody interested in the EFI Young Professionals plus a Meet the Expert and Young EFI session on the Friday where we will host a discussion with experts in the field, getting their opinions on topics related to young EFI members. We hope to see many of you there!