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EFI is a European society of workers in the field of immunogenetics, histocompatibility testing and transplantation. 

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2024 - Prof. Jamie Rossjohn

Each year at the annual EFI Conference, a scientist who has made substantial contributions to the field of Immunogenetics is honored by the Society and invited to present their work in the form of the Ceppellini Lecture. The Lecture is named in honor of Ruggero Ceppellini (1917-1988), the Italian geneticist who greatly influenced the HLA field.

The first Ceppellini Lecture was delivered in 1988 by the late founder of EFI, Jon van Rood. Over the past five EFI Conferences, it has been held by Jamie Rossjohn (2024), Ronald E. Bontrop (2023), Peter C. Doherty (2022), Jacques Neefjes (2021) and Pamela Bjorkman (2019).

A complete list of Ceppellini Lecture Awardees can be found here.

2024 - Dr. Agnes Bonifacius

The first Scientific Lecture at the Opening Ceremony of the annual EFI Conference is given by a young scientist, winner of the Julia Bodmer Award (JBA). This Award was created in memory of Lady Julia Bodmer (1934-2001), one of the founders of H&I and a mentor to EFI, which she served as President from 1996 to 1998. Julia was well aware of the importance of young scientists for the future of our field, and was known for her encouragement and support to younger generations.

The JBA winner is selected by majority voting within the EFI Scientific Committee, in a competitive review process between the applications filed. The first JBA Lecture was delivered in 2002 by Benedicte Lee. Over the last five EFI Conferences, it has been held by Agnes Bonifacius (2024) Esteban Arieta Bolanos (2023), Jesse Bruijnesteijn (2022), Cristina Toffalori (2021) and Asbjørn Christophersen (2019).

A complete list of JBA winners can be found here.


2024 - Dr. Mats Bengtsson, Dr. Martin Howell and Dr. Christien Voorter

The EFI medal is awarded annually by the EFI Executive Committee to recognise the achievements of individuals who during the course of their career, have made a significant contribution to EFI.  The award is normally presented at the General Assembly at the annual EFI conference.

Candidates to be considered for receiving the EFI medal can be proposed to the Executive Committee by any of the EFI committees.  Exclusions to candidates for the EFI medal include past EFI Presidents and past Ceppellini lecturers.

A complete list of EFI Medal awardees can be found here.


2024 - Alice Rovai

The Jon van Rood Award (JvRA) was initiated in 2011 in honor of the late Jon van Rood (1926 – 2017), founding father of EFI and discoverer of the HLA system. The JvRA winner and two runners-up are selected amongst the 8 presenters at the Best Abstract Session by a jury composed of the attending Past EFI Presidents.

Jon van Rood Award winner: Alice Rovai

Runner up: Esteban Arrieta-Bolaños

Runner up: Emma Peereboom

A list of all Jon van Rood Award winners can be found here

2024 - Best Poster Award

Amongst the Abstracts presented as Posters at the Annual EFI Conference, 3 receive a Best Poster Award selected by a Poster Review Panel nominated by the Local Organizing Committee, based on the quality of their presentation during the Poster Wine & Cheese session on the second day of the Conference.

The winners of the Best Poster Award 2024 are:

- Michaela Agapiou

- Anne Halpin

- Steven Koetzier