ETHIQ - for technical staff

The registration is now open! 


The EFI Education Committee has developed an online, Moodle based training course for technologists working in EFI accredited labs, known as the European Technical H&I Qualification (ETHIQ). 

  • The purpose of the training is to enable technical staff working in H&I to demonstrate knowledge and competence within their workplace; 
  • Training is aimed at all Technical Staff working in EFI accredited laboratories supporting clinical solid organ and/or haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. It is envisaged that the ETHIQ will be an appropriate training scheme for staff involved in bench work, but who may not have the responsibility for final reporting of results;
  • The training is undertaken within the trainee’s laboratory and is delivered under the supervision of a local training supervisor over the course of 12-36 months; 
  • Applicants must be EFI members;
  • The training supervisor must be an individual who is a Director or Co-Director of an EFI accredited lab, or is a holder of the ESHI Fellowship (honorary or by examination); 
  • At the end of the course there is a short multiple choice online assessment.

There will be two dates for registration each year, initially with a maximum of 20 registrants at each intake. The first registration deadline is 1st July 2023.

For questions please send an email to Ingrid Abelman.


ETHIQ Information Guide  ETHIQ Registration form Presentation ETHIQ Launch meeting
Modules: 3 Hours: 800 Technical Staff € 200,- (incl. 3 years membership fee)