In case you are interested in publishing your vacancy on our website, please contact the EFI Central Office ( to check on the possibilities.

Executive Committee - Call for nominations for the position of two Councillors

As agreed during the General Assembly at the 36th European Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility Conference in Nantes, France it is our pleasure to announce an extra “Call for Nominations” for the position of two Councillors in order to ensure the composition of the EFI Executive Committee is maintained in future years.
All EFI members are invited to nominate candidates and all EFI members are eligible to be candidates. EFI recognises that having a diverse group of people working with and for us at every level enhances our impact. So EFI particularly welcomes applications from those from under-represented backgrounds, including those whose first language may not be English. Members of the Executive Committee are requested to participate only in the nominations made by the Executive Committee (if required) which will take place during the autumn meeting in October 2023.
Completed Nomination Forms, accompanied by the candidate’s brief biography (200 words maximum, excess words will be deleted), including their proposed contribution to the Executive Committee and an electronic photograph suitable for publication should be received by the EFI Central Office ( by Monday 23rd October 2023.

Please click here for the nomination form

An election will be held if more than two nominations are received for the vacancy of Councillor. The election will take place electronically. Please ensure that your email address is up-to-date by checking your membership account on The elected candidates are to take up post during the next General Assembly at the EFI 2024 Conference.

Nomination form

Interested in one of the Committee vacancies? Please use the Committee Member Application form to express your interest and send in your application.

Committee Member Application Form

Vacancy announcement for External Proficiency Testing Committee

We are pleased to call for applications regarding two vacancies for membership in the EFI Committee for External Proficiency Testing. The vacancies are for EFI region 7 (Italy) and EFI Regions 9 + 10 (Spain and Portugal). 

Applicants for positions should be from these regions and should share specific interests in external quality control, international standards and quality assurance. The candidate should initially approach the relevant national representative to coordinate the application.

Finally, please complete the Committee Member Application form to apply. The application should be send to the EFI Secretary.

Deadline is October 30, 2023

Call for applications to the EFI Scientific Committee

We are pleased to call for applications regarding an opening for three (3) Regular Members in the EFI Scientific Committee (SC). Any EFI member with a strong scientific background and ongoing activities in scientific research, as evidenced by her/his CV and publication record, is invited to send in her/his application. Applications should consist of:

  • the completed Committee Member Application Form 
  • A short CV with complete publication record (only peer-reviewed publications, published or in press)
  • A short letter of presentation stating the motivation for the applicant´s interest in serving the EFI-SC

Applications should be sent directly via email to the chair of the Scientific Committee, Prof. Luca Vago (, and to the EFI Secretary Dr. Dave Roelen (, no later than 29th September 2023. Applications submitted after this deadline will not be considered.