Call for member candidates on the ASHI Science and Technology Initiatives Committee

The ASHI Science and Technology Initiatives Committee (STIC) is seeking candidates for two vacancies: a technologist (CHS) and a pathologist or transplant physician, preferably with experience in histocompatibility and immunogenetics or clinical transplantation. 

STIC is responsible for the identification of new scientific advances, technologies, or unmet needs of the transplantation & immunogenetics communities and dissemination of this knowledge to the ASHI membership through the Education Committee and Annual Program Planning Committee (PPC). STIC will communicate information to the National Clinical Affairs Committee if these advances/platforms may impact the regulatory environment. STIC will also facilitate multi-investigator research initiatives to keep ASHI on the cutting edge and to develop best-practices guidelines for our members and the clinical programs we serve.

STIC committee members will be appointed for a three-year term and will work on a voluntary basis. Candidates may or may not be current ASHI members, interested in cutting edge research in transplantation immunology, histocompatibility and/or Immunogenetics, and the scientific advancement of the field. Preferred candidates will be enthusiastic and collaborative and have a track record of publications in these fields. 

Interested individuals should submit a resume or bio-sketch to Katherine Giovetsis, ASHI Executive Director at