Invitation to the EFI 2023 General Assembly

On behalf of the EFI Executive Committee I invite you to attend the General Assembly. It represents your opportunity, as an EFI member, to actively participate in discussing the activities of the Executive Committee and other EFI committees.  Your ideas and opinions are most welcome.

The EFI General Assembly will take place on Friday 28th April 2023, 18:00 – 19:30 pm in the Great Auditorium and I strongly encourage you to attend.

All the best,
Ann-Margaret, EFI President


  1. Opening
  2. Minutes of the General Assembly 19th May, 2022 Amsterdam
    (EFI Newsletter October 2022 Issue 98)
  3. Report of the EFI President 
  4. Report of the EFI Secretary
  5. Report of the EFI Treasurer
  6. Report of the EFI Committees
    a) Accreditation 
    b) Education 
    c) External Proficiency Testing
    d) Scientific
    e) Standards and Quality Assurance
    f) IT & Bioinformatics Committee
  7. Next EFI Conference – Jerusalem, Israel 2024
  8. EFI Medal
  9. Installation of new EC members