EFI 2021 - Jon van Rood Award and Best Abstract session

The best abstract session at EFI conferences consists of the highest scoring abstracts, following review by the Scientific Committee of all abstracts, submitted for an oral or oral/poster presentation. This year there were seven presentations delivered at the best abstract session of EFI 2021. The session was of a very high standard and included a variety of topics related to immunogenetics. 

The presentations were scored by a team of ‘Past EFI Presidents’, chaired by Steven Marsh. All presentations received positive feedback from the scoring committee, and the final winners were announced during the closing ceremony as:

1st Prize, the Jon van Rood Award
Esteban Arrieta-Bolaños “Unravelling the determinants of alloreactivity in humans: HLA-DP as a model for immunity and transplantation”.
Joint 2nd Prize  
Hannah Siddle “The immunopeptidomes of two transmissible cancers demonstrate a dominant and partly shared peptide motif for MHC class I” and.
Nicole Mifsud “Peptide-dependent T cell cross-reactivity drives allorecognition”.

Congratulations to all the presenters in this excellent session.