Education Committee

The Education Committee mission is to promote education and training for technical, scientific, and medically qualified staff in the field of transplantation immunology, histocompatibility and immunogenetics throughout Europe and beyond. 

Organisers of regional education meetings/workshops can apply for the official approval of their Educational/Scientific Activity by the EFI Education Committee. This official approval infers that EFI supports the educational content of the conference/workshop, and subsequently enables the organizers to use the EFI logo in all documents connected with their meeting.

Regional meeting guidelines  Application form 

To promote training in the field of Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility, the EFI Executive Committee has allocated a fixed number of bursaries for EFI members wishing to visit another laboratory to learn new techniques and to develop research collaborations.

More about this bursary

The teaching sessions undertaken during the EFI meeting should provide relevant scientific training events for physicians, biologists and technicians involved in the field of Immunogenetics. The opportunity to enlarge and share detailed knowledge on specific topics by competent speakers constitutes a unique opportunity of improvement for the entire EFI community. In order to contribute to the achievement of this aim, the EFI Education committee has defined these guidelines for the organizers of the EFI meeting to standardize the approach for the organization of the teaching sessions.

Teaching session guidelines Teaching Session Evaluation form Speakers consent form

The International Summer School is an exceptional opportunity for advanced training in the field of Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility. Every two years the International Summer School is organized by EFI, ASHI and APHIA.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 International Summer School is postponed and new dates will be announced soon.


The aims of the Education Committee

  • Organisation of Teaching/Educational Sessions at the Annual EFI Meetings
  • Maintain and review the guidelines for organising Teaching/Educational Session at the Annual EFI Meetings
  • Co-organisation of the International Summer School along with the Chair of the Scientific Committee
  • Reviewing applications for ‘EFI Education and Scientific Bursaries’
  • Support of Regional Educational Activities
  • Pursue specific projects approved by the Executive Committee


The projects currently executed by the Education Committee

  • In cooperation with the European Board for Transplantation Immunology and the UEMS, perform an annual review of the European Specialisation for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ESHI) Diploma syllabus
  • Establish and maintain a curriculum for an H&I Diploma for qualified technical staff
  • Establish and maintain web based Educational Programme / EFI-H&I college

Education Committee vacancies

Currently there are no vacancies for the Education Committee.


Committee members

David Turner

UK (Chair)

Deborah Sage

UK (UK & Ireland)

Manuel Muro

Spain (Spain & Portugal)

Marie Schaffer

Sweden (Nordic)

Marilyn Spyropoulou-Vlachou

Greece (South East Europe)

Michael Eikmans

Netherlands (BeNeLux)

Monika Lindemann


Valérie Dubois


Benedetta Mazzi


Antonij Slavcev

Czech Republic (Central Europe)

Postal and visitor's Address

Noordzijde, Room N00-002
Rijnsburgerweg 10
2333 ZA Leiden
The Netherlands

+31(0) 71 - 526 51 51

Do you have any question about EFI?

Please contact Sandra van Hensbergen at the EFI Central Office

+31 71 - 526 51 11